There’s a lot of different tools used to send mass e-mails to thousands of different addresses, but Advanced Mass Sender is able to set itself apart from those programs with some very unique features.

ams Advanced Mass Sender is up to three times faster than most mass e-mail distribution programs because it actually uses multiple SMTP servers as opposed to just one. This program will allow you to send out 1,500+ e-mails per minute, and you’ll be able to compile lists of over 200,000 addresses.

Advanced Mass Sender Key Features:

Built-in e-mail validation tool, to ensure the addresses are valid

Built-in HTML editor, which allows you to edit the e-mail within the program

Multiple SMTP servers, allowing 1,500+ e-mails to be sent per minute

Proxy server support

In-depth editing of sending lists (adding/deleting functions, searching/sorting lists)

Supported on all Windows Operating Systems (95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8)